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Gene Dillon
  Gene Dillon

Tin Can + Literary Series
End Transmission

May-June, 2008

iChat, Apr. 20, 2008

Gene Karen




Oh, good, you’re there. Listen and listen good. I gotta get outa here.

What am I gonna do? I seriously want out of this gentlemen’s agreement. There are serious issues, Karen! Serious issues!!!

Slow down. You’re living with a tribe of Sasquatch. It’s not supposed to go smoothly.

I’ve been reading up on them, and the more I learn, the more impressed I become. They’re like stealth-savants. Is it true that there are thousands of them?


Oh. Well… How many?

Hundreds of millions.

No way!


If you started digging in your back yard and continued digging for a half-mile through all that rock, you’d start breaking through into their tunnels. But two things would happen before you reached them. You would either disappear, or you would die from a natural event of some sort.

We don’t find them down below, because they avoid high concentrations of oil and natural gas. No sightings in Texas or the Middle East, for instance. Yeti live in Tibet and Nepal, but not in Alaska. Wherever you find no combustibles underground, you find Sasquatch and Yeti. That’s a major portion of the subterranean world.

They know how to deal with water. They control the flow and storage of H20, everywhere they live, which brings me to my next point. They control ALL underground water supplies on Planet Earth. Do you understand?

Shit! They’re coming.

Get out of there!

British Columbia

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Gene left the chat by logging out or being disconnected.

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