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Frank Warren Germantown, Maryland
Interviewed by Stephanie Ash and Geoff Herbach | PostSecret | Photo courtesy of the author

Frank Warren is the creator of the popular blog PostSecret, an online collection of 4 x 6 postcards displaying secrets sent to him from strangers all over the world. The blog gets 2.3 million unique visitors a month, is counted as one of the top blogs in the country and has spawned four books. The third "The Secret Lives of Men and Women," is currently a New York Times bestseller.

Frank calls himself an "accidental artist." Expecting to receive about a hundred postcard secrets for his small community art project, he has received hundreds of thousands. To be more accurate, he is a curator of people's courage. He posts 10-20 postcards every Sunday, taking care to preserve the strangers' anonymity, humanity, and artfulness. The result is a cathartic mass intimacy, made possible only by the marriage of the Internet and the post office.

In this interview he talks about courage, the Internet as an art medium, the nature of secrets and the difference between deliciously gratifying voyeurism and deeply moving art.

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