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Exhibitionist Mental Contagion
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LWO Paris/France
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Featured work is from the series Dark View .


About the Artist
DarkView is like the fugitive vision of a certain darkness. The organic matters are forming themselves, mixing. The composition nourishes decomposition. You pursue your dreams which escape to you. A strange atmosphere where some entities (characters, creatures) are slipping. Beings come from the depths of the unconscious one. Do they come to testify? Like a sleepy marsh, a quiet water but charged. Sedimentation takes place, a place where the life and death are cannibalising themselves. Lost regions, unexplored worlds. Vestiges of a disappeared civilization, forgotten? The tombs act as public monuments. Nature is sometimes blocked, solidified in one moment of exacerbated lament. A peculiar feeling invades you. Certain images return to you, obsessional. Foreigner among the foreigners, whereas all disappears, you find yourselves facing your shade which absorbe you gradually.


Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Arts House, Singapore
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Theatre de fortune, Paris
La Piscine, Roubaix
Butler' s Warf, London
Indian Temple, Tirukkalikundram
Léo Tailleur, Paris
Central Park, New York

Mental Contagion
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