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Mags Mental Contagion
A Soul Available
by Dean Pajevic


you always surprised me.
I watched your hand tear
the stars from the loom--
boy did we get into trouble for that!

And knocking up the wine,
and milking the wolf, and slaying
the bone-headed minotaur.

I bowed to you
cause you always did
what the teachers said "no" to,
what made the dad's shout "No!"

What made the gills on the fish pump
in and out --

toppling castles with our blood,
dousing the ancient senators with our belches,
our heckling pasted across the doric columns:
red, red, red!

as the dying fish gills flapping in the dirt
singing, singing, louder than the

"No! No! No!"

Brother I wish you were here
so we could laugh at all the "No!"
coming down the centuries.
Mental Contagion
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