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Podcast Interview with Artists and Writers

Sandy Beach Minneapolis, MN
Interviewed by Geoff Herbach | Web site

Sandy Beach was awarded a month's residency to the Ezra Pound Center for Literature in Merano, Italy in 2005. As a Loft Mentor participant, she studied and read with poet Elizabeth Alexander. She writes and reads poetry in response to art at various Minneapolis galleries with TalkingImageConnection. Her poems have appeared in Water-Stone Review, the anthology To Sing Along the Way: Minnesota Women Poets from Pre-Territorial Days to the Present, Sojourn Journal, Perigee, Poetry Motel, and the National Women’s Art Museum Archives in Washington, D.C.

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encaustic memories untraced slow burn third degree
slim clinking denies the sound of despair or revision

Arno quay ancient melting plot of verdigris
tragic heroic finials concur taste of remission

proffer nocturnal mutations in limelight
inspire a surge of inappropriate ballast

the key is to insinuate an ideal midnight
frenetic mumbly–fumbling replaces lust
flanking against tidal inclinations revealed

the denial of Eros is not virtue–veritas
unused as it is to illuminated detritus

lunettes of paradise appear as if bark peeled

Unraveling Grace

I accuse the scar faced moon of solicitation
but the ever wily moon protested her innocence

Wolfish night hounds will gnaw the achy bones of mendicants
those brittle from lack of tolerance grow wary of any peculiarity

Insomniacs hold the anodyne for restless apparitions

They posses the flagellant wisdom of mute children
and nearly always choose not to enslave their own children
with the cadences of world weary gods

A peaceable vision overarches a forest of cudgels
mercifully it is the means to a species of unraveling grace

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