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Gautam Narang London, England
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About the Photographer

Gautam Narang is 20 years old and lives in London. His work has been featured in National Geographic, Platform Magazine, Digital Camera Magazine, EOS Magazine and JPG Magazine.

Artist's Statement

Nearly six billion people in 191 countries. Just as you can't count the stars, perhaps you can't tot up the cities, shanties and ghettos. We all shrink our worlds and write our own geography—we etch some in gilt, we expunge a few, others we drop by the sidewalk. And that is true about faces as well.

As a photographer, I look at faces because I am always looking for good portraits. But what is a good portrait? To me, it is about eye contact, expression, feeling, surroundings and clothing. A good portrait tells a story about someone; you can know that stranger through cragged hands, that hint of a smile, the twitch of a muscle, a glint in the eye. I have photographed people in India and the UK and I have noticed a difference. In India, people are often photographed without any question. For that brief moment they let you into their lives, they connect, sometimes in silence. In the UK, even when standing next to a person there is a tangible distance. Only through connection does a good portrait emerge.

2006 Exhibitions
Independent Museum of Contemporary Art • Greece
Travel Photographer of the Year (Group show) • Outside the London Eye
Residence Gallery • London
NHS Royal London Hospital • London
Group show in Hackney on the theme of ‘old age' • London
Group show at Olive Bar and Kitchen organized by Platform magazine • New Delhi
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