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Scott Seekins Minneapolis, MN
Interviewed by Geoff Herbach | Photos by Karen Kopacz
Special thanks to Jeff Kearns for technical audio assistance.

Scott Seekins is everywhere in the Twin Cities. You will see him at an art opening in Northeast. You will see him at a bus stop in St. Paul. You will see him in a bowling alley in Uptown. You will see him at his open studio downtown. You will see him holding cardboard signs in front of the Walker Art Center, sending enigmatic messages to the flow of traffic in front. Now you will hear him on your computer.

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Scott Seekins
Scott Seekins in his studio, possibly on his birthday. (He is not sure if his birthday is
on the 21st or the 26th becuase he is adopted.)
He maintains it is his 160th.

Scott paints himself into a Wells Fargo advertisement

Some of the signs that Scott holds roadside near the Walker during peak traffic times

Various photographers capture Scott holding signs on the street

Scott does Warhol

More scenes depicting Scott

Two images from a series of paintings depicting Madonnas of vaious races that heightened
the local celebrity of Scott Seekins. Scott is a former owner of

All Scott all the time
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