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Cyril de la Torre Melbourne, Australia
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About the Artist

Cyril De La Torre Branger was born in London and grew up in Madrid where he studied photography at the Centre of Visual Studies. He spent four years freelancing as an assistant to landscape, architecture and fashion photographers. He moved to Los Angeles and London where he continued working on commissioned and self-promotional work. Cyril currently lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

Artist's Statement
La España perdida [ Images 7-10]
In this photo essay of rural Spain I am looking to portray the lost essence of a country once covered by forest, later by ruins, while now being the fastest developing country in Europe. I want to look at this land to reflect upon those who lived in the pre-industrial era once ruled by nature.

The work in itself is not about what you can recognise in the images- in front of the camera-but behind, and what would it be like to imagine turning around and speaking with the locals about that moment in time. By mostly disregarding the presence of people I want to push a further connection with the land, in its natural state without the prejudice of a foreigner's lens.

In order to create the pre-industrial atmosphere, the works has been treated to give a similar feel and style to the 19th century photographers; James Craig Annan, Malcom Arbuthnot, the Bisson brothers, Charles Clifford, Louis-Jacques Mande Daguerre, Fay Godwin, Henri-Victor Regnault, Vittorio Sella, Linnaeus Trope, Benjamin Brecknell Turner and Carleton E. Watkins.

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