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Tin Can Mental Contagion
And why shouldn't it?
by Gene Dillon

Haikus of Panic and Realization

Sun not yet risen
Pain and tightness in the chest
I could die today

  Trouble with breathing
  You've got to be kidding me
  I let my wife sleep

    Alone in the dark
    Is this how a life can end?
    How ridiculous

      Bodies record ignorance
      Coffee and pizza

        Ponder what mattered
        And what I have accomplished
        I am not impressed

          I wake up my wife
          What is there to say, really?
          I apologize

            Children are sleeping
            Let them finish their good dreams
            They don't need to know

              They dry-shave my chest
              Results abnormal

                Come back tomorrow
                We have plenty of machines
                Just bring more money

                  Three days I must wait
                  Have I shortened my own life?
                  Such a fool I've been

                    The things we can do
                    While the moments are wasted
                    Just think about that

                      How crazy is this?
                      Congratulations, you're fine!
                      I am such an ass

                        Wait. I'm still okay?
                        Why should I be so lucky?
                        Crystal clear message

Final wake-up call
Yes, I will listen this time
Time to live my life

            Take care of yourself
            Always remember your death
            This world does need you

                        Remember your death
                        Just like it was yesterday
                        While you're still breathing

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