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Peace to Everybody
by Dean Pajevic

winter, 1993

scream feedback, shatter glass dome, The Verve cracks chicago,
I the night air, you the sea surrenders to phantom whale songs,
and the dark new moon, water and salt gauzed over blood,
a haze gauze aflame in 18th century oil lamps, whaler tearing timbers
as the drums and bass blow into a storm in heaven,
Richard sings bone fire, his voice rising like the sun,
but hidden iceberg moon is all there ever was.

twilight whales, rushed by cannoned drums from ice,
the guitar gun fires, midnight and heat metal flies, then takes,
Richard's voice bows in black water and the lanterns swing, then fizzle

apart, you test veins, whale bones and your brain, your veins,
murder your voice until you hear, whales keen and wheel,
drowning, lunar ice veins, all blood seeped with sun,
the sun, your blood soaked in sun!

the band burns, your voice is light and sound is night,
is all I have, my sight silent on the seafloor,
memories of whale thrust and spray,

sway some more my love, whale veins sing with sun,
veins and the sun, sun, sun!

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