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Exhibitionist Mental Contagion
Nancy Anderson • Sculpture

Nancy Anderson Boulder, Colorado
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About the Artist
My work is an arena where I can examine observations of everyday life combined with the found objects I collect. My need to express different aspects of our time grew from jewelry to larger, more elaborate pieces. It was a natural progression, yearning to use any and every material and process I could find. My energy and enthusiasm for making art begins outdoors. I prefer alleys to storefronts, trails to roads, old dumps to supply stores, and antique stores to malls.

I travel, gathering physical and visual elements: an old photo inspires a painting, a toy iron jogs my memory of childhood, text of an old poem stirs an inspiration yet to be made.

In my work, there are several themes most intriguing to me: childhood and memory, the feminine, nature, animals and overall observations of our culture. I continue to trace the essence of women in our time. I explore the feminine identity linked to her role as mother, daughter, wife, survivor and individual, friend. Nature and animals are also a strong passion in my work. Often, the natural theme is juxtaposed with the whimsy and a deeper contradiction to our present culture.

Mostly, my work is a continual effort to expose the desires of my heart, however secret or hidden; a need to express my inner life through the materials at hand. My most recent works are shrine-like, looking a lot like larger versions of my broaches. In fact, many of my pieces contain a removal broach somewhere within the piece - a shrine within a shrine, meaning upon meaning. In combining jewelry forms in mixed media, my hope is that the wearer will feel a sense of ritual, of storing and wearing the piece to be conscious.

My studio is an inventory of rusted metal, salvaged auto parts, stones, shells, broken pottery shards, broken dolls, antique boxes, ancient photographs, and the tools to unite them. My aim is to create a "new reality" with these forms, while confronting issues and feelings of our times.

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