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Mags Mental Contagion
Forget? Forget what?!
by Dean Pajevic

Positive Void Coefficient Has Risen

I am no specialist.
The third angel blew his trumpet,
the fourth unit seems to have melted.
"What absolute nonsense!"
Before returning he took a dose of iodine,
and a huge star fell from the sky
closing all roads except Strontium 90,
Plutonium 239.

Perhaps they were lumps of concrete
thinking sadly of their wives. But
an order is an order, is a sweet taste,
feeling your legs grow weak.

Hot black rocks, just
ruins of beta particles.

If Chernobyl has suffered a misfortune
falling on a third of all the rivers and springs,
then we have our sacred principles:
Slabs of concrete.
Sheets of lead.

Bright sun on the beaches,
vomiting men bathe
in this new star called Wormwood;
that was within limits and norms
of atrocious radioactive vapor,
oozing out as bloody diarrhea,
rotting his lungs.

Because millions have suffered,
and are uninhabitable,
something has to be done.
Our conclusions are very firm:
his penis is peeling and black.

Which encouraged a spirit of improvisation
so that many people asked,
"Can we really live here any longer?"
And died.
Estimating the cost of cleaning
a median acute lethal dose.

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