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Featured Event • Photography • Choreographic: Images of Movement • Stuart Allen

Choreographic: Images of Movement at MCP
Minnesota Center for Photography | Click on thumbnails
Exhibition Dates: June 17 – August 13, 2006 | Opening Event: Saturday, June 17, 6 – 9 p.m.
Featuring work by Stuart Allen (shown below) (San Antonia, TX), Bill Cottman (Minneapolis), Justin Guariglia (NYC),
Katy McCormick (Toronto), Polly Norman (Toronto), and Sean Smuda (Minneapolis).

About the Event
MCP’s new exhibition, curated by Minnesota Center for Photography (MCP) Artistic Director George Slade, focuses on the work of six photographers who have used their art to explore the parallel creative environment of choreographed movement. While photography is inherently an art of stillness, this ability to capture a point in time allows the study and contemplation of moments excerpted from the flow. The photographs and videos in Choreographic become visual arts performances, complementing, analyzing, and commenting on kinetic performances and the forces behind individual motion.
The six artists take a variety of approaches to this theme: Stuart Allen attaches lights to dancers and records their characteristic, surprising flow through space in extended exposures (the bodies vanish, but their trace remains); Bill Cottman , in a video sequence of stills and moving images, reaches back to consider his wife’s experience as a dancer and how that transmits to their daughter and the contemporary performing arts community around them all; Justin Guariglia concentrates on the ancient choreography of Shaolin kung fu as practiced by the Chinese temple’s monks; Katy McCormick combines photographs of architectural ruins with musical notation and dance diagrams to propose relationships between the three phenomena of sound, movement, and time; Polly Norman manufactures images using glass bricks and props that effectively choreograph line within the photographic frame; and Sean Smuda constructs living dioramas inflected with visual nuances that make these choreographed moments possible only within the photograph.
Also opening on June 17 is the Minnesota Projects Gallery installation by Kerri Jamison of Minneapolis who has concentrated on the off-season environment of the Wisconsin Dells over the last two years.
+ Choreographic Artist Talk – Sean Smuda
June 29 – 8 p.m.
Sean Smuda’s background includes extensive dance experience, which is reflected in the works that will be on display in Choreographic. His artist talk will consider these pieces, then will transform into a set of site-specific presentations by noted local dance performers including The Body Cartography Project, Hijack, Christopher Schlicting, Karen Sherman, and Morgan Thorson. Many of these artists have posed for Smuda’s photographs, so this is something of an “animation” of the works on display.
+ Choreographic Artist Talk – Bill Cottman
July 13 – 7 p.m.

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