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Vanishing Point Mental Contagion
Journeys to places that don't exist
by Karen Kopacz

Letter to Frank from Into The Eye's Eclipse 2003 (unpublished)

Frank! Frank!
I read what you wrote about Goldberg
And I dreamed for a moment, a life unspun
And strewn about for all to witness and behold,
A dream that has corrupted my heart
   For all eternity–
       To partake in the initiation of a generation
As if commonplace,
   As a cluster of hounds,
Digging, examining and tearing shit apart
   In order to find the
Telling anyone who will listen,
      That IT is a celebration of everything
         Accomplished and not accomplished;
Its drama
              Its conflict
                           Its glory.

Frank! Goldberg!
Show me how to be a human being -
   How to interact, how to create -
      The ribbons of truth lying
At our feet,
The talons of lies
   Releasing their secrets
      In a final confession.

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