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Mags Mental Contagion
by Dean Pajevic


Love is like the sea. She washes over your beach of anger and confusion. Over and over and over again. Grain by grain you disappear. The salt water roils and swells and fills and recedes. Hammer tight your barricades, shore-up the storm walls, ha! The sea smashes, grinds and slithers into your dry dust heart. Listen to her rumbling elephant voice, "love now, love now, love now."

The sea bursts with all the tears ever freed. All the tears we tried, imagined, didn't know we cried are there too. The sea has more hugs for tears than all the armies have holsters for all the guns in the world. And, her hugs will kill you. Billions of years of cunning, running and roll will find YOU.

"The seas loves too hard," you say. You are right. You win. And after you are done being right, be happy, let go and drown.

Drown, drown, drown.

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