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Three Poems
by Kitty Jensen

About the author
Kitty Jensen was born 18 years ago today - February 26, 1988 - and we have known each other from the beginning. Kitty is a total art geek, a renaissance girl; singer, actor, poet, painter - and anything else on any given day. She'll be majoring in fine art at the U of M next fall and learning to bartend between now and then. Kitty's my daughter, but mostly, she's my hero. She has submitted three poems for this month's Pure Hash.
Thanks Kitty.... and Happy Birthday!
-- Wendy Lewis

Under the Blanket

A fluttering pinkie.
Oh, the hopes I have.
Skin on skin and
fear on
girlish pride.

I know nothing.
It could be too soon.
Maybe it doesn't matter,
maybe it doesn't.

But even if it does
I don't think hearts
could stop me.
I have felt stop for
this long.

A finger sputters over
mine, intentionally.
I know nothing,
but I don't think it matters.

Open Mouth

I don't remember
last night.
You were gone
when I woke up,

I think you
told me
that I
too much,

and that's
you were so quiet.

You never
what to say anyway.
I wish I would
left the light
on for you.

Los Sueños

From the beginning
our eyes never change.
However, that is not entirely true.

If I close mine they
are not eyes at all.

Milk, crude oil and
whatever I want

I am the abyss.
Sputtering along waiting for
a time to ...

Stand back. Blink twice.
Gasp for air.

Oh. I see now.
It means nothing to you
because it's my night.

My clock flashes 12:00
and I fall back to sleep again
and wait.

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