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Mags Mental Contagion
"Fine. How are you?"
by Dean Pajevic

What's a Word? A Lion?

For fuck's sake!
I can take no more
fine white fists and mocking mouths
holy places of pen and paper
invaded, raped
by commercial creeps
vampires and itchy asshole men
filet the language of our
animal history
grind Shakespeare into deodorant
and flinch at feeling anything
in their tightening, shrinking
collapsing rot-hole

For god's sake!
Let the lion smash the cage
this lonely zoo is full
between the bars and the glass
no arms embrace
guttural howl of the king
dark mane arcs electric
Great Sadness Sings!

What is the lion's roar
without mate, without land?

The coda to the new song
of the prison machine man.

©2006 Mental Contagion • Making Space for Visual Artists & Writers