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Featured Art Event • Visit over 30 artists on Lake Medicine

January 14 - February 19, 2006
The Soap Factory presents

Art Shanty Projects on Medicine Lake in Plymouth, MN | Click on thumbnails

Art Shanty Projects
Tours on weekends

The Vista Shanty Kristen Murray, Quito Ziegler, Sarah Peters, Sarah Petersen
Open Saturdays and Sundays 1-5pm
The Vista Shanty invites you to view the winter landscape of Medicine Lake within a warm and comfortable environment. Stop in to lounge, drink tea, and gaze out at the ice.

Team Lake Research Andy Sturdevant, Heidi Prenevost, Mitch Redepenning
Tours every Sunday at 2pm
Team Lake Research want to help promote fun and exciting ways learn more about our surroundings on Medicine Lake. Stop in to learn about historical events on the lake and witness our new findings.

Black Arc Shanty Mary Johnson
Saturday February 18th 3pm Shanty Fashions Show
Black Arc Shanty is the 3rd and most recent incarnation of a structure that I've been developing since June 2005. The Shanty Project 2006 gives me the opportunity to take the Black Arc out on the ice.
Other performers:
Kristen Abhalter, Brittney Carapezza, Annie Hanauer, Kelsey Myron, Nikki Schultz, Helen Franzen

Peepshow on Ice Emmet Witt et al
Open all the time
View the work of a dozen artists through 3/8" holes at the Peepshow On Ice, a collaborative gallery. Step up and peer through the peeps to discover small, cold worlds never before imagined.

Rendezvous Café Jane Powers and Monica Sheets
Saturdays and Sundays 1-5:30pm
The Rendezvous Café offers a changing selection of drinks and treats. All food is free of charge; all that we ask is that you fill out a postcard with a story about fishing or the waters of Minnesota. Look for the fish in the voyageur's cap.

News Flash Koa Rosa
Recycling yesterdays news to lighten our path. Flashing runway lights remind today's citizen of our electronic media age.

Woodworking Paul Linden
Hours will vary - mostly weekends and weekend evenings
A full-sized woodworking bench to facilitate modest sculptural work using hand tools. I'll be creating both functional objects (like a canoe paddle), as well as sculptural objects to augment an upcoming sculptural installation.

Chasm Matt Zaun and Sean Connaught
Matt Zaun and Sean Connaughty embark on another "Chasm" collaboration. They will build a traditional snow dome which will be designed for listening to and documenting sound from under the lake.

Pinhole Shanty Richard Lindberg
Open weekends
Stop by my shanty where you can walk inside of a camera and see the magic of photography happen right before your eyes.

Ice Carving Robot Jesse Hemminger and Bruce Shapiro
Every Sat 12-3pm
Ice fishing holes are an often over looked part of ice shanties (pun fully intended). I am carving custom shaped ice fishing holes, with the help of a custom built robot, of course. Why settle for a circle. Why not a rhombus? Or a fractal. Or your favorite football team's logo. Beer seems to be an integral part of ice fishing so why not pull a fish out of a Pabst Blue Ribbon shaped hole in the ice. If you can draw it we can carve it.

Aikido and Zazen on Ice Seamus Leonard
"Aikido and Zazen on Ice" are performance simulations of a martial practice dealing with the relationship between an individual and a partner (for now I choose the natural environment). The hypotheses is to document this practice through journal, performance, video and photography. It may work it may not work. To chance is everything.
January 27th
24 hour comic/book project on Medicine Lake
Documenting the environment, the architecture and people on Medicine lake
January 28th
Noon-3pm Ice shanty radio program K-Ice guest dj Seamus
6-8pm Improve jazz jam sessions. Acoustic musicians welcome to improv recording outside on the ice
February 3rd
Drawing Heaven and Earth
4-7pm Evening poetry readings and recordings
February 4th
Walking meditation blindfolded in reverse starting in the northeast corner
Chess Part 2 Isaac and Seamus Chess master Tournament six hours of chess
February 6th
Walking meditation sword thrust starting in the southwest corner
February 7th
Walking meditation Jo swing starting in the northwest corner
February 8th
Walking meditation Zazen starting in the south east corner
February 19th
Closing meditation in the center of the lake
Free Chess Tournament
Party Sketchbook sketches of the artists

"Blink" A Video Installation Christine Olson
Using aesthetically pleasing compositions of corporate signs, "Blink" brings to focus the monoculture that is swallowing the sense of a geographically based culture. I would like to encourage curiosity in discovering new places.

Arctic Phonography Katarina Souku
February 10th and 11th 5-9pm

Fishing Lure Kari Reardon
Open all the time

Sense Shanty Adam Collignon and Angela Zammarelli
Open all the time
Our project deals with the mysterious and ethereal experiences one might have on a frozen lake this time of year. Instead of creating a traditional shanty with its conventional trappings such as walls, a
floor, a ceiling, or a door, we have created a reduced form which can only be entered via portal through the senses. Although the viewer is able to clearly see what goes on inside this form, when smelling, hearing, seeing, or touching it through the portals it becomes another form altogether. This form is for us an experience, one that cannot be explained, named, or shaped, only had subjectively by each individual viewer.

Drumlin Mitchell Dose, Mark Fisher, Lindsay Hinckley, Brenda Ingersoll, Maxwell Kelsey, Dan Tesene
Feb 12th Rustic sleepover in the drumlin (no heat besides BT-andhopefully-U's)
Feb 18th 9pm Experimental music night w/ Gamut, Croon & guests in and interacting w/ the drumlin
Drumlin is a tent structure based on natural designs of the glacial formation of the same name. Much like the layers of glacial till that the drumlin is composed of, visual and musical experiments will accumulate as the ice continues to melt.

Soozin Hirschmugl Public Domain Productions
Soozin Hirschmugl, Eric Ruin, Willis Bowman, Mark Safford, Luke and Kirk

Saturday Feb 11th 6pm Performance
Feb 16th 7:00 Freedom of Thought celebration
Based on the life of the 16th century martyr Giordano Bruno, who was burned at the stake in Italy, on Feb 16th 1600 as a martyr for Freedom of Thought.

The Gritty Knitters Knitting Shanty
Marilyn & Bob Thompson, Amy Wilkerson-Krause, Tracy Cummings, Gay Dennison, Kathy Winter

Saturdays 11-5 pm, Sundays 12-4pm
Local women band together to celebrate the art of knitting on the ice. Come to learn to knit, to help us make various projects and be a part of our knitting circle.

Art Cars on Ice
February 4th 10-Noon fundraising pancake breakfast at Intermedia Arts
February 4th 1-3pm Ar Car Parade at the Art Shanty Projects
Check out everyone's favorite ArtCars as they bring the only parade in the world to take place on a frozen lake (or maybe the parking lot)

CineShanty David Pitman
Showing films Saturday nights 7-10pm

Science Shanty Ted Stets
Saturdays 10-4pm
Limnology-the study of inland waters

Geodesic Jellyfish Chad Balster
Open weekends

Gene Pittman
Thursday from 3-8pm, Saturday and Sunday mornings

Robbinsdale Armstrong Art Shanty Jack Hanson, Pat Fair, Lori Stroner + Armstrong High School Students
Always open
A five-week exhibition of architecture, performances, science, art, zombies, spear-fishing, videos, robots, pinhole cameras, sculpture, knitting, readings and karaoke.

Post Consumer Toy Making
David Hamlow
Feb 4th and 5th 12-5pm
Constructing toys out of post consumer materials, in a twisted take of Santa's Workshop; a sort of "Christmas: The Morning After". All are welcome to join us. Use our tools and materials or bring your own!

Jonas Lindberg
Open all the time
With the help of the Land-O-Maker 10,000 (patent pending) it is now possible to construct plots of land on the otherwise transient surface of Medicine Lake. For more info visit the blue floating shanty. Investors welcome.

Live Action Set
Feb 4th 4pm The Zombie Horde returns!
Peaceful Shantytown, USA is home to an unsettling secret. Hidden within the ice is a powerful compound, a compound with unforeseen consequences. In winter 2006, death will come to life on Medicine Lake, Minnesota as Live Action Set presents two performances based on the grotesque state of the undead in contemporary society. Meet the Mayor! Beware the Zombie Horde!

Norae Shanty Michael Hoyt
Through Feb 19th: Saturdays 12-4pm, Wednesdays 6-9 pm, Other hours TBA
Ice Fishing and Ice House culture is similar to the bang phenomenon in Asian urban centers. The Norae Shanty is based on Korean karaoke rooms called "Norae Bangs" (song rooms). Bangs, like ice houses, serve as a retreat, a small isolated space for groups to participate in a shared activity away from the stress of everyday life.


Reading from "On The Ice" Gretchen Legler
Jan 28th 2pm
Writer Gretchen Legler will read from her book "On The Ice" about her time in Antartica.

Art Cars on Ice?
Feb 4th 1-3pm
Intermedia Arts from 10-noon
There will be Art Cars maybe on the ice maybe close to the ice. Pancake breakfast precedes at

Dancin' on thin ice!
Feb 4th 3:15pm
At least 100 tap dancers to busk on the ice to the music of K-ICE and raise $1000 to ship free dance shoes to Brazil, Lousiana and Mississippi. That's only two bits a shoe! Contact Ellen Keane to sign up!

Freedom of Thought celebration
Feb 16th 7pm

Closing Event
Feb 18th 10am-10pm

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