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Tin Can

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Photos by Tim Cragg

Visual Art
Narrative, Contrast,
Culture and Deathtolls:
A Discussion With Cinematographer
Tim Cragg

July-August 2008

Tim Cragg has worked with Discovery Channel, National Geographic and BBC. He shares personal photographic work from his travels near and far.
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Photo: Britta Urness

Art & Environment
Don't Forget Where
You Are: Two Iowa Artists Discuss the
Flood of 2008

July-August 2008

Artists Britta Urness and Ben Estes share their thoughts about the effect that the Iowa flooding had on the University of Iowa, its art department and its students.
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Featured Writer
Springtime on Mars

July-August 2008

This month's literary feature is a short story by Susan Woodring from her book "Springtime on Mars."
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Articles by Experts
Volunteering: What's in It for You?

July-August 2008

Freelance writer, yoga instructor and frequent volunteer Katie Bratsch underlines the benefits of volunteering, from helping those in need to building resumes and skills.
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Dance & Performance
Spandex and Basketballs

July-August, 2008

"When I danced and felt my sadness move out of me, pull like threads from my body and disperse into the air like millions of particles of dust, I knew I would be forever grounded in the act of dancing and making dances."
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Literary Series + Essay
The Nature of Things

July-August 2008

Wendy Lewis brings her rural journeys and city escapades to the table for all to devour. Illuminated and imperfect, this feast is all about the guests, chance encounters, the landscape and life.
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Literary Series + Fiction
Supper on the Road

July-August 2008

Gene Dillon receives email from his future self, talks to the Sasquatch and engages in epic battles with clouds. In a fusion of fiction and personal essay, only he knows which is which—and even that is in question.
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Literary Series + Poetry

July-August 2008

Dean Pajevic jams a crowbar into his heart, pries back the planks and writes about what he sees. And then he gives you a pair of 3-D glasses.
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